September 1, 2023

September Newsletter

Kalo Mnva, everyone!

(That means, “A Good Month to You,” in Greek)!

The month of September saw a finishing of Elder Ephraim portrait of Mt. Athos & Arizona completed. The Elder is someone who did a lot for Orthodoxy in the United States, establishing several monasteries. This portrait was completed in watercolor.

Next, I tackled a copy of English painter John Millius’ Ophelia,” in preparation for a larger work.

I think the art director for Alice In Chains’ album cover, “Dirt,” took some inspiration from this art, however unwitting. I’ve always found it a striking work.

Then I completed a commission for a good friend of a young woman with her horse on a trail in charcoal.

I ended the month with a watercolor portrait of Anastasia Romanov.

Included are some woods and a brook behind my home. Always peaceful to get out in nature, especially as the cold New England days are fast approaching!

If anyone is interested in a commission, please feel free to inbox me directly.



Elias Andrinopoulos

Peabody, Massachusetts




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