February 7, 2024

February Newsletter

Καλό Μήνα, everyone! Thank you for checking out another Artist Newsletter update, the first of 2024!

I pray this missive finds you in good health, high spirits, and the wonderful frame of mind which accompanied such a state.😊🙏🏻

(Perhaps I’ve explained this previously...”Καλό Μήνα» means, “A good month to you,” in Greek. This is a customary salutation on the first day of every month).😊

January saw me hitting the ground running on another Portrait, this one of the Tsar Alexander ii, and finishing up Tatiana’s Portrait as well.

The maxim, “Well begun is 1/2 done,” holds much weight in the visual arts, as I can tell if a piece will be fruitful from the first sketch.

In this regard I was happy that the outdoorsy Portrait  of the Tsar came together right away. The only difficult part about it was centering the figure correctly.

Originally, I planned a portrait of the Tsar in his military regalia. However, after I saw a picture of Alexander in a relaxed outdoor setting, I enjoyed the softer look and felt it had a warmer feeling about it, which complemented the family nicely, and captured the Tsar’s personality quite well. It also offered a stark contrast with the (mostly) interior  shots of the rest of the series.

A beautiful month of February to all of you and your families! If I can be of service in any capacity, please feel free to reach out directly.

Have a wonderful day!


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