December 1, 2023

December Newsletter

Kalo Mnva! (“Happy Month”) of December to Everyone! Hello and good evening!

I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Holidays!

(We should try to enjoy them, at any rate..!)

November saw much progress with the Romanov Family Portraits. I have completed 4 of the 7 family members in watercolor and Im finding it an intense challenge and wholly enjoyable work, both all at once..!

You may view a one minute video synopsis here:

While the figures are all photographed from the same setting, they all present a different set of obstacles to overcome.

For example, I finally finished Tatiana’s hands. Lol.

I decided I didn’t like her hands folded and bathed in light, so I finished rendering them with a light shadow. This was completed at the beginning of the month of November.

Then, I worked on Olga (the girl with the headband), a piece which came out very different indeed from her initial profile pencil/charcoal sketch.

While I enjoyed how her portrait looked in profile, I decided to go for a more opaque approach after looking at some Impressionist-influenced Italian portraits done by Sargent.

Lastly, I tackled the portrait of Alexei.

This was probably my favorite of the bunch so far as the simplicity of portrait came together rather quickly, a portrait very much influenced by the work of artist George Surat. I was going for a lighter, less stark portrait and I’m pleased to say I think I’ve achieved that.

Here is another quick video (:59 Seconds) featuring a view to the studio here:

Thank you everyone for you kind words and support. I hope everyone enjoys their Holidays and gets time to see their loved ones!


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