Καλό Μήνα, everyone! Thank you for checking out another Artist Newsletter update!

Greetings! ✍🏻

Good afternoon and a wonderful month of March to you!

Beware the Ides of March..? 👀 Well, as winter winds down and the threat of snow fades, it’s wonderful to look forward to more daylight, and maybe even some spring weather! 🌸



March saw the completion of the Romanov family portraits in watercolor. They were wonderful to draw and even better to paint and to be honest, are quite fascinating indeed.

The Romanov Family were poised, attractive, cultured, refined, and were Martyrs in The Orthodox Church for Jesus Christ. ☦️ Painting them was a real joy, and I looked forward to the next creative challenge with zeal!

One aspect of the family which was interesting to interpret was the nonchalant way in which they presented themselves for the camera.

Of course, they were used to being photographed even back then, when cameras were not so common, and so many great photos existed of the family that just when I thought I found the proper reference photo, I would stumble upon an even more brilliant portrait of the family! Lol! It was an embarrassment of riches, as they say, but being as they are a subject I will return to in the near future, it is a Blessing that their pictures are so numerous.


Until next time, I wish you good health, Godspeed, and The Lord’s Blessings!

Thank you for reading! 📖


Elias K. Andrinopoulos



Καλό Μήνα, everyone! Thank you for checking out another Artist Newsletter update, the first of 2024!

I pray this missive finds you in good health, high spirits, and the wonderful frame of mind which accompanied such a state.😊🙏🏻

(Perhaps I’ve explained this previously...”Καλό Μήνα» means, “A good month to you,” in Greek. This is a customary salutation on the first day of every month).😊

January saw me hitting the ground running on another Portrait, this one of the Tsar Alexander ii, and finishing up Tatiana’s Portrait as well.

The maxim, “Well begun is 1/2 done,” holds much weight in the visual arts, as I can tell if a piece will be fruitful from the first sketch.

In this regard I was happy that the outdoorsy Portrait  of the Tsar came together right away. The only difficult part about it was centering the figure correctly.

Originally, I planned a portrait of the Tsar in his military regalia. However, after I saw a picture of Alexander in a relaxed outdoor setting, I enjoyed the softer look and felt it had a warmer feeling about it, which complemented the family nicely, and captured the Tsar’s personality quite well. It also offered a stark contrast with the (mostly) interior  shots of the rest of the series.

A beautiful month of February to all of you and your families! If I can be of service in any capacity, please feel free to reach out directly.

Have a wonderful day!

Kalo Mnva! (“Happy Month”) of December to Everyone! Hello and good evening!

I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Holidays!

(We should try to enjoy them, at any rate..!)

November saw much progress with the Romanov Family Portraits. I have completed 4 of the 7 family members in watercolor and Im finding it an intense challenge and wholly enjoyable work, both all at once..!

You may view a one minute video synopsis here:

While the figures are all photographed from the same setting, they all present a different set of obstacles to overcome.

For example, I finally finished Tatiana’s hands. Lol.

I decided I didn’t like her hands folded and bathed in light, so I finished rendering them with a light shadow. This was completed at the beginning of the month of November.

Then, I worked on Olga (the girl with the headband), a piece which came out very different indeed from her initial profile pencil/charcoal sketch.

While I enjoyed how her portrait looked in profile, I decided to go for a more opaque approach after looking at some Impressionist-influenced Italian portraits done by Sargent.

Lastly, I tackled the portrait of Alexei.

This was probably my favorite of the bunch so far as the simplicity of portrait came together rather quickly, a portrait very much influenced by the work of artist George Surat. I was going for a lighter, less stark portrait and I’m pleased to say I think I’ve achieved that.

Here is another quick video (:59 Seconds) featuring a view to the studio here:

Thank you everyone for you kind words and support. I hope everyone enjoys their Holidays and gets time to see their loved ones!

Kalo Mnva, everyone!

(That means, “A Good Month to You,” in Greek)!

The month of September saw a finishing of Elder Ephraim portrait of Mt. Athos & Arizona completed. The Elder is someone who did a lot for Orthodoxy in the United States, establishing several monasteries. This portrait was completed in watercolor.

Next, I tackled a copy of English painter John Millius’ Ophelia,” in preparation for a larger work.

I think the art director for Alice In Chains’ album cover, “Dirt,” took some inspiration from this art, however unwitting. I’ve always found it a striking work.

Then I completed a commission for a good friend of a young woman with her horse on a trail in charcoal.

I ended the month with a watercolor portrait of Anastasia Romanov.

Included are some woods and a brook behind my home. Always peaceful to get out in nature, especially as the cold New England days are fast approaching!

If anyone is interested in a commission, please feel free to inbox me directly.



Elias Andrinopoulos

Peabody, Massachusetts




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