April 17, 2024

April Newsletter

Warmest Greetings!


This month’s work caused me to reflect deeply on the nature of portraiture, and what it means to make a good portrait painting (or drawing).

#1 on the list of definitions of effective portraiture would be an intimate, non-staged moment captured in a dynamic, interesting way.

I suppose there are many but this quality is chief among them.

Rendering form in a humanistic, naturalistic way without artifice or heavy handed modelling would be another.

(Editor’s Note: This is all simply my opinion). 😊 To look at some of my work, you may go here:


It doesn’t have to re-write the book of art, or even be very unique. As long as it’s real and well rendered, the viewer should be able to feel what you’ve done and have an emotional reaction. The more visceral, the better (so long as you’re not overly pandering to emotions).

Art works best when it engages with the emotions rather than just strictly the head.

Thank you for reading! If anyone is interested in a portrait, please inbox me directly for rates and turnaround times, it would be my pleasure to immortalize your loved ones in a beautiful, one of a kind work of art!

Happy Sunday to all of you!



Elias K. Andrinopoulos 👨🏼‍🎨🎨




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